Comodo Transparency Page

Comodo has a very interesting page detailing number of device infections etc.

Worth checking out imo.

Currently users are interested (and asking for) another type of transparency.

Such as better communication and dialog from Comodo Staff.

Also will this transparency page count the Malware samples showed as ‘Compromised’ during SE results due to the fact that default settings for CIS are weak and requiring a improvement?

I wonder if they get this info only from the Dragon and Itarian platforms as they both have access to system states with regards to clean / Contained / Infected systems on the portals with users having deloyed the specific version of Comodo security on there ?

Have contacted SE Labs for a response however don’t seem to have gotten one.

SE Labs have given me a reply.

They confirm that a compromise to them is changes to the system that is outside of the sandbox.

They however are not wanting to provide the details of the compromise to the public it seems.

They also say they allow companies to dispute their results.