Comodo Top Level Enterprise Products: NXSIEM and MSSP Platform

With a huge amount of effort, our dreams is becoming reality. Comodo’s newest products NxSIEM and MSSP Platform will be launched next week and ready for RSA Conference.

NxSIEM will be ground-breaking Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product that based on purely Big Data technology. We believe it will become one of the top Security Analytics products in the near future.

MSSP Platform is our Cloud Based solution that is designed to fulfill every needs of MSSP’s (Managed Security Services Providers). With Cloud edition of NxSIEM at its core, MSSP Platform is armed with its top class network and intrusion detection, network security monitoring, packet inspection sensors. It can fuse any security data that you have and provide actionable intelligence that is ready to operate.

One more exciting news is that Comodo is becoming Managed Security Services Provider that transforms years of its experience in Security area into security services. Comodo DragonLabs, previously only provides penetration testing, now provides 7x24 log analysis, incident monitoring and response with its own MSSP Platform on top.

All will come next week, please stay tuned for news and updates.

Amazing development!