COMODO TM Can't Detect PC ID

When I try install COMODO Time Machine 2.8 or 2.9 BETA, It keeps telling me that CTM can’t detect my PC ID. How does this get fixed?

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Hi, Happy New Year !

What OS do you have ?
How many hard disks connected ? and Is there a disk controller card ?

Also, Is there any Privacy Protection software installed ?

Windows 7 Home Premium
3 Hard Disks. 1 I made myself. 2 Virtual Hard Disks. What’s a Hard Disk Controller?
PC Cleaner Pro & WiseCare 365 Pro.

Right, I mentioned about Controller Cards because CTM might have problems with them. Since you have only one physical hard disk, I don’t think it’s a controller card problem.

For your reference, there are 2 previous threads related to this issue :

It could be related to Intel Turbo Memory, anyhow I’d advice to back up your system first before trying anything.