Comodo Time Machine

An application that can truly bring back the state of an infected drive/files without restore points/backups rather than just remove the infection. The Time Machine App will bring back, for example, an infected flashdrive’s files. How? Some viruses move the files to a hidden area inside the infected flash drive and when an AV removes the virus, the files are still there but it can’t be accessed by users who don’t know how to find it because the virus hid it. The Time Machine App now brings back those files and make the Drive’s files put back to where it belongs. The thing I hate about AVs is that they just REMOVE infections and not FIX things. Also, if the virus deleted the files in the hard drive, the app can bring back the file even if it is not in the recycle bin, even if the success rate is low (Just like Recuva). My last wish is it can bring back system files to the way it was before.


something like that is built in. Since Windows XP every Windows can do something like that…

Besides, such a software would also be limited. Nowadays most of the viruses don’t “hide” files they encrypt them(Example, Scammers capitalise on Windows 10's popularity in latest ploy - Neowin) and there is no way that any software could decrypt that without the right key(and that is very good like that).