Comodo Time Machine

I know that CTM is a legacy product but HELP!!! Last week I let a stupid support tech. with a new program I had installed into my computer via a live remote support program to fix attemp a fix for a problem…BAD Mistake! He somehow disabled my Perfectly working computer and Comodo Time Machine[/u] trying to remove the new program, but instead KILLED CTM I am still finding non associated programs and setting gone or no longer working or are working right. Is there a way to get someone that knows what they are doing, with COMODO to dial in and try to FIX CTM I’m sure the logs and some of the program structure are still there or have to still be there but it may be in peices. I LOVE CTM and have for years, and yes I use it properly and took a snapshot before he started, (I don’t use it for a complete backup system) but when he was fishished CTM no longer starts at Bootup nor can I go back to a previous snapshot. I’m Needing Comodo’s help desparetly. I’m a Loyal Comodo user and have been for years. I have and am still using both freebies and paid programs.Thanks for your help in advance. I don’t need a Teir 1 GeekBuddy or someone like that. I need a Professional Support Tech who understands CTM and Windows XP Pro. Sincerely: Rick Thomas

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