comodo time machine..why bother?

ive just been looking through this very extensive bug section of this program and it begs the very obvious question…why bother with it.
do you honestly and truly NEED to have it?
i personally have a bad experience with this program and users should never ever have the dilemma of wondering if a program is going to corrupt the computer.
but what is more worrying is that mud sticks and it can ricochet through an entire product range.
companies are doing themselves no favours at all by releasing products which obviously do not work properly.

as william randolph hurst rightly said.“give the people what they want”.

many regards. bye. :ilovecomodo:

it’s the only FREE product which includes snapshot support.
and it doesn’t erase the data after rebooting.
lol, sometimes free things can let you down… ;D

CTM should be continued.
once the program is fairly stabilized, we’ll see.
Though your beginning was insignificant, Yet your end will increase greatly. cheers :-TU

hi dax123.
yes maybe in a couple of years time when it has stabilised and become more reliable then it may become a viable product.
but at the moment and as you can see from this very forum it is not a safe application to run and i wouldnt recommend it to anyone.
but as with all new things they get better in time.

The technology is already stable in the concurrence.
Why did Comodo team change the original code of the technology? works very well… It’s only not free… But stable.
Also, it allows up to 60.000 snapshots…! CTM is very limited right now… They changed something in the technology!

See the features of Rollback RX (the same as CTM):

* Reverse any system crash (even if Windows can't startup)
* Backout of any failed software installations, botched update etc.
* Reverse user errors manually, or set Restore-on-Reboot or Log-off
* Roll back minutes, hours, or even months.
* Roll backwards and forwards to any system snapshot
* Allows users to safely test any software. Fast, 100% clean uninstaller
* Roll-back, yet recover files from your "future" snapshot(s)
* Retrieve files from a crashed PC, even if Windows can not boot
* Access control - prevent unauthorized users from access
* Automatically schedule snapshots or hard drive restores
* Day Zero Disaster Recovery with no data loss

Well, I think that it will be made better by the middle of next year. I hope that they release a new beta sooner than that though.

ive just checked out the video on rollback rx and it looks very seems to be a better product than CTM.

I think they’re not releasing anything… The development seems stopped… The 2.9 Beta is not a software in a typical beta phase, trying to get gold…

I tried Rollback RX before looking at CMT. I removed it after the system failed to boot. Fortunately I had an Acronis boot CD to get it going again (didn’t need to restore, but don’t recall what I did do). I’m afraid to try that again too!

So I wonder how much more (if any) is CMT 2.9.

dagrev, did you restore the MBR (Master Boot Record)?
Did you lost data on the recovering?

No nothing was lost other than the shorts I had on at the time. I just inserted the Acronis boot disk and after that I don’t recall what I did. Somehow I booted and uninstalled RBRx and everything was fine. I didn’t restore/rebuild the MBR. I now have Partition Wizard (the program and the boot disk) that will easily do that if I ever need it. Likely will if I ever put CMT on again.

I’m not sure what the problem was, but I’d say RBRx is not perfect either, even with it’s pricey cost of $69 US dollars. Seems like it might be a better program than CMT if both worked as intended, but I’m not sure I want to try it again.

dagrev, I don’t know the details of Rollback RX, i.e., how it works.
Glad you’ve lost anything.

Melih/Devs. please give some hope to the end users by revealing a bit of information on development of CTM.
Please tell us a bit about the future of CTM.


[shadow=red,left]I wish CTM can become better soon![/shadow]

in another thread (ctm section) someone said it may be morphed into something else?who knows

do you honestly and truly NEED to have it?
No, but at the same time you don't truly need a firewall, AV, a time machine, system cleaner, or even the internet (Yes, even the internet. <--People have done just fine in life without the internet from the year the earth was born to the year 1995 when the internet started getting popular)
firewall, AV CTM
It's not need until it saves your ■■■■. and not losing anything important(or in some case priceless) that hasn't been backed up on disc or memory stick

CTM will work fine for most computers, NOT all. If there is a problem, your guaranteed to hear about it on this section of the forum. <–It would be nice to know witch ones that CTM doesn’t play nice with (it’s only a small percent of them). It’s which small percent of them that I’d like to know and should be posted at the download page.