Comodo time machine uninstall problem

When i tried to uninstall Comodo time machine and it rebooted and again started uninstall b4 windows Win 7 Home premium loading it stopped at 11percent and stayed there for at around [size=10pt][size=10pt][shadow=red,left]45min…[/shadow][/size][/size]

What can i do now i am unable to Use My laptop. :cry: >:( (:SAD)

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Apshergill91, instead of making multiple threads on the same issue, Wouldn’t you think about investing some of your time reading the Help Section !

There are obviously some threads related to this issue : for one.
Turn off your computer and rebuild the MBR if “Three-finger-salute” doesn’t work ! Mind you ! If you started the uninstall process after seeing “Insufficient Space” warning of CTM, you might still wind up with an unbootable system after rebuilding the MBR.

Ya thanks

But how to rebuild MBR?
I have Kept it On for another Day and it has reached 15 percent i think it will take around 4-5days for complete uninstall of sub-console at bootup.

Please follow the advice I give in this section of my article about How to Fix a Malware Infected Computer. It explains how to rebuild the MBR.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Well-written and informative article by Chiron.

One thing to note for CTM user is that – When CTM’s installed, ONLY Use Windows disc (or any third-party disc) to rebuild the MBR AND not to use it on repairing the system
(I’ve found many users learnt this rule the hard way)

Good point. I really should have made that obvious before directing anyone to that article.

Normally Windows disc is used to repair systems mainly, it just works a little different with CTM that’s all.

Again, well-written and reader-friendly article !