Comodo Time Machine Review by BrightHub - Features, How It Works, Etc.

On BrightHub, I made a two-page review of Comodo Time Machine:

Comodo Time Machine Review

This may help you decide whether or not to get CTM…as AFAIK Comodo hasn’t released its features, etc.

Mods: Since this is can also help explain CTM to people (I always want to know features of a program and how it looks before I get it), it would please me greatly to have it stickied. :slight_smile:

I will also update the article for new releases, etc.

Stickied it.

:slight_smile: Thanks

To be a complete review, you should note that there have been several users that were unable to boot their computers after installing CTM. A good review points out the good and the bad in an effort to help the reader make a better decision about using the software, or not. This is a review not sales literature right?

Read this to get the rest of the story:

All right. :stuck_out_tongue:

I update it in a few days…after I finish a few papers that are due soon. ;D

So I’m reading this, and from what I’ve read it seems that the issues of the CTM and MBR surfaced during Shadow Myths experience.

However, the latest version release notes state that the issues with reboot failures and uninstall failures have been dealt with.

My question is: once installed, can a user defrag or use a disk repair tool if necessary? I think that is what happened to me. I used Active @ Hard Disk detection tool and ran the scan. After that, CTM was totally confused as to what was going on.

I’m thinking this tool would be good for a development system, but certainly not a production one. Consumers who have kids that play around with the system settings might find it useful, just as long as they don’t hit the MBR.


This may still apply, but not sure: