Comodo Time Machine life cicle

I has two questions about CTM:

  1. Will it be a program dropped in the near future? (as many others in the forum cover page).

  2. Will it become a shareware? Why does this phrase does inside the translation items: “Your trial license has expired. To continue using Comodo Time Machine, please upgrade to a full license…” ?


Thanks Melih.

I am told the guys have fixed all the bugs that caused your issue Tech…

it will take few weeks to go thru QA and release cycle…but things are looking good…

thank you for your patience


I would like to know technical details. I mean, I’m happy when I know what happened and that it was particularly issued: the bug was in the xxx.sys driver and occurs on Windows xxx affecting machines with xxx program, etc. Like a report (MS does it). I think this transmits security and seriousness.

I’m translating CTM meanwhile.