Comodo Time Machine, Comodo Disk Encryption and TrueCrypt

CTM can’t protect encrypted data as the final state of the partition is RAW data (instead of NTFS for instance).
I was brave enough to make CTM 166 protect a TrueCrypt partition. It worked. I mean, it restores the state of the disk (snapshot) even this partition was RAW. The encryption was not loss. I had no data loss.

Ok. But CTM is incompatible with TrueCrypt. Why? Maybe just the feature of use free space to hide an entire operational system. What more?

Why couldn’t they be compatible?
The mounted partition is NTFS. On crashing, it works like NTFS.
While unmounted, it can’t be managed by CTM… but it’s unmounted…

Will Comodo Disk Encryption be compatible with CTM? If so, why not TrueCrypt?

Any contribution from the programmers here?

Hi Tech.
CTM is incompatible with other software that based on disk-level such as TrueCrypt, Comodo Disk Encryption, or something else. AV products have same problem. As you know, they are not compatible each other. So do we.

From technical interpretation, the software based on disk-level handle disk access using their methods. They don’t know if other like product existing. They don’t know each other. Disk system on Windows looks like layer by layer framework. Application based on disk level always install to the bottommost of disk system. It is more close to the disk driver of Windows, it is more stable. Because interference will be more less. If anyone was installed to wrong layer, it might casuse crushing calamity.

For example: You installed CTM firstly, CTM is on the bottommost of disk system. This is right. And then you install TrueCrypt, it was installed to the bottommost. It means all disk access from CTM will be handled by TrueCrypt. If TrueCrypt encrypt CTM’s data in some case, it causes crushing calamity. You maybe lose data.

This is why.


Ok. But I’m trying to manage that. Why would TrueCrypt encrypt anything related to CTM protected partition if I do not do it manually. It can’t. It does not.

Is there any command to set which is the bottommost driver level (or the driver level order)?

Just an idea.
Is there a way to force the installation of CTM at bottommost?
In other words, can I force the installation (by a switch, an ini file) of CTM installation even in the presence of TrueCrypt. A forced installation?
Will it help? I mean, I think this way I will crash TrueCrypt and not CTM, or, in other words, I will have TrueCrypt disk access handles handled by CTM.

For technical information:
I’m NOT making my system partition encrypted.
I’m using other partitions fully encrypted.

But I think I’ve found the solution.
Running TrueCrypt in the portable mode.
I think all the drivers will be loaded after the logon is done and CTM fully loaded.
Am I wrong?

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