Comodo Time Machine: a mess-up for my PC

Comodo Time Machine messed up my PC. At any reboot lots of Scandisk, disk errors, files not found and finally a beautiful sequence of BSODs.
I’ve uninstalled CTM and now my PC works, seems perfectly, but some important files were corrupted (a True Image backup of my partition).
Maybe some incompatibilities either with solid state disks, Windows 7 and CTM?
I’m very disappointed because CTM is a great software :embarassed:

Sorry to tell you that CTM is incompatible with SSD, it Only works on IDE, SATA and SCSI hard disks.

If you have the time and the patience you could try to install a new HDD into you pc that CTM support.

I also suggest you install CTM 2.9b; it seems more stable than the stable release. I have it on my pc and it works super:).

(Hey James :))

Valentin N

Well, my suspect was right >:-D
I was lucky to restore my system without formatting.
Now I’m wondering if in the future the support for SDD will be added in a new CTM release.

Thank you for the patience.

is my suggestion an option for you?

Hi… Valentin.

Hi… Mauro, I have a little surprise for you. CTM should work on SSD with TRIM turned off ! Give it a try if you’d like !

The SDD in my PC was bought less than two months ago (I bought it on 12/28/2010) and was brand new.
I don’t think switching to a slower HDD is a wise idea :wink:

TRIM is an indispensable feature in the new generation SDD. Without it, the performances fell, making the SDD poorly performing.
The better idea is wait for a new CTM version that fully support SDD.
I have a suggestion for the Comodo staff: they should specificate, in the program’s features, that Comodo Time Machine doesn’t fully support solid state disks. This can be useful to avoid problems due to incompatibility and risks of total damage for the operative system.

I understand, the suggestion was Only for those who really wanted to have CTM installed on their SSDs, there are trade-offs to consider.

I agree with you that on the “Things to watch list” or User’s manual of CTM, it should have stated explicitly the limitations with SSDs so that people won’t run into unnecessary trouble !

[at] Mauro C: I didn’t you should switch but add a HDD.

if you want to have CTM you will need to adapt yourself.

I have heard that SSD have shorter life length than a HDD; you can’t overwrite information as much as you can with a HDD.

Valentin N

The TRIM command was appositely created to avoid performing loss of SDDs in the time. Older SDDs doesn’t have TRIM capability, that is default in the new models.

You mentioned CTM messed up your PC and you were able to restore without reformatting. How did you do that?

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