Comodo Time Machine 64bit

I love the Time Machine on my older computer WINDOWS XP 32 bit and other Comodo products especially the FIREWALL
I have used it to try several Antivurs scanners at the same time (different snapshots). I install them and reboot and after uninstalling them on the current boot I install another, I have 3 or 4 Antivirus scanners on set up on different snapshots so I can scan and test to see which one does the best.
The current 2.8 Time Machine DOWNLOAD now advertised as 64bit compatible on the Comodo Downloads website is the same previous download file as the one I already had for my other 32bit machines. I installed it last night and it crashed my PC. Fortunately I uninstalled it from the “HOME KEY” feature and had to use my backup to recover my boot sector. I’m afraid to reinstall it now until I’m confident it is tested.
The file I downloaded was the same file (version_2.8.155286.178 downloaded on 10/5/2010)
WHEN IT DIDN’T SAY 64bit and the current is (client_setup_2.8.155286.178 downloaded on 11\05\2011) which DOES SAY its 64bit compatible. If it is a NEW version why is it the same version number? The first time I tried to install it on my new 64bit machine (Windows 7 64bit) Comodo install warned me that it may not work so I didn’t install it. This supposed new 32\64bit download didn’t warn me so I thought because the Comodo download site NOW says its for 32 & 64 bit I installed it. I don’t understand WHY Comodo would put downloads out that aren’t tested thoroughly, PLEASE FIX THE 64bit BUG COMODO :]

What good is a forum that hardly ever responds to posts?

Hi Jbeck:

I installed it last night and it crashed my PC. Fortunately I uninstalled it from the "HOME KEY" feature
Your Windows partition is encrypted by Bitlocker or other similar encryption tools? CTM is not compatible with any disk encryption software.

BTW: CTM is always compatible with 64bit systems.

Best Regards.

it would probably help people a lot better by stating on the download site that CTM is not compatible with disk encryption. save a lot of heartache.
its just a thought.

kind regards.

Version 2.9 alerts the user of that.

im not knocking the program by any means.
its a great idea.but it needs to be safe and at the moment it isnt,if the bugs section on the program is anything to go by.

Thanks but I have Win 7 Home Premium and I don’t think Bitlocker is included in that. Any other suggestions it could be? I dont have any encryption software that I know of installed - It also does not like my other 64 bit with Vista on it. I have AVAST Av ATM.

best thing is to leave these sort of programs alone.
just read the bug section on CTM and then make a sensible decision.
why do you want a program like this anyway?

kind regards.

Thanks Darren -
Because I can install several anti-virus software’s to test on different snapshots and go back and forth testing them and scanning hard drives from other computers - that’s why. ALSO if I install a bad program on my PC I can just roll it back instead of uninstalling it.
I can see the biggest problem with COMODO it seems that no one from COMODO maintains the FORUM each day to help customers problems. I’m thinking of buying the Internet security package but after seeing the support here I am wondering if that support is a poor as THIS FORUM?

Now if anyone else from COMODO reads this, COULD SOME PEOPLES install problems are be because THEY DID NOT TURN OFF “SYSTEM RESTORE” (is that encrypted) before the install?

i highly recommend the internet security.
its top notch and will protect you well.
as for the forum .i have always found the comodo forum to be extremely helpful and useful.
im not knocking time machine by any means.It will be a solid application in the future its just not a program for me.
im glad you like the program and if it serves your purpose then stick with it.

all the best.


Hello at all Too for me this supposed new 32\64bit download didn’t warn me so I thought because the Comodo download site NOW says its for 32 & 64 bit I installed it , thanks Kind regards

Well since I dont have Win 7 “Ultimate” I don’t have “Bitlocker”, I have “Home Premium”. What other problem software could it be? I have Comodo Firewall and Avast Anti-virus but nothing else much except Paragon cloning software which was not installed at the time of the CTM install. Thanks Comodo Fan :o

hi jbeck
i would recommend macrium reflect,thats what i use to clone my hard drive and it creates a bootable cd as well.
and windows7 home premium does have bitlocker as far as im aware.
other programs similar to CTM are rx rollback.
personally i dont feel the need to use these sort of programs and ive found windows system restore does an adequate job.

kind regards.

Thanks but Im a bit confused about Bitlocker, the microsoft site shows a comparison of Windows 7 versions here

So what should I believe?

its not in win 7 home premium only in ultimate

Yes thanks, Thats why I put the link here so Darren could see it ;D

hello folks
well ive looked in my services and it clearly shows a bitlocker service…it is disabled and i have not tried it.
i just presumed it was resident in home premium.!
maybe im wrong.As i say i havent tried it.
sorry to jbeck if ive misled you.

many thanks. (V)

No Problem and thanks for your input, how can we get things done if we all agree on everything! :o

Yes thanks, Thats why I put the Microsoft link up so everyone could see its only in Ultimate ;D