COMODO Time Machine 2.9 and Iolo Drive Scrubber

Would there be PC problems if I were to use Iolo Drive Scrubber with COMODO Time Machine 2.9 installed?

Can you tell us what Iolo Drive scrubber is? what it does

Also, I’d like to quickly point out that eddite.lucas18 is currently running a developer build of Windows 8. Therefore it’s difficult to determine what problems may arise.

thanks for the heads up Chiron

If you want to test/use comodo products it would be smart to only use an OS thats supported especially since Windows 8 isnt even in beta phase yet

Below is a picture of Iolo Drive Scrubber.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I don’t know how wise it is to run this to along with CTM; ids (I made an abbreviation). I fear that it may destroy snapshot; the snapshot are not visible for windows.

Click here to learn where I got this version of windows 8 at:

I answered your question on the first post

It’s a skin? ???

Why in the world would you want to run a skin that makes your Win 7 say it’s Win 8? 88)

Please post your OS details in every issue you’re posting about, because you keep posting screenshots that say you’re using Windows 8. :-\ This tends to make things extremely confusing… :P0l

Sure thing, will do. :slight_smile: