COMODO Time Machine 2.2.121064.147 RC Released!

Yes, CTM is still NOT compatible with disk encryption utilities like BitLocker,CDE,TrueCrypt,etc.

What’s your problem then?


I just set up a bug report thread - Apologies for the lateness! . Let’s keep all bug related posts in that thread. :slight_smile:


Install seems to run fine. It asks me to restart.
Than at reboot a blackscreen appears with the following text:

Testing Memory 102C5EEA
Errorcode 8801: insufficient space to install protect system

But I can tell you I definately have enough space

Tell us your storage configuration like this:
disk1: C (NTFS 20G protected), E (FAT32 40G unprotected) …
disk2: D (NTFS 100G protected) …

Also please tell us the directory you install ctm to.

Thank you very much

I’m trying to install on c:\

Disk c has 185 of 300 GB available
Disk k has 73 of 200 available
Disk l has 70 of 100 available

I’m on Windows 7 32 bit

did you protect all partitions?
post a screen shot of Computer Management->Storage->Disk Management

I didn’t protect anything.
What screenshot do you mean? I’m on a Dutch OS so it probably has another name

the screen shot is like this:

During installation, u have a chance to choose the partitions you wanna protect, by default, all partitions are protected.

How many harddisks do you have then?

I use my main HD and I use one external HDD which has two partitions

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Good job with this release. Being able to protect only selected HDD/partitions is great. So far no issues on Windows7.

I would have loved to see the option to exclude files or folders from being protected, this way AV updates could be maintained when restoring a snapshot. I have tried to synchronize when restoring, but it does not work well because the synch occurs after logon and some files are in use or db are already loaded.


This is very good!I am a chinese,I have used 影子系统(YingZiXiTong) about 2 months ago,Its very good ,but i have to pay some money,three days ago,my friend tell me a new restor software-comodo time machine,and some chinese people had made some test,i think its good,so i want to try.
不知道大家能不能看懂汉语呢?我英语能力有限 :slight_smile:


just installed it on XP SP3 all run clean and u even notice it much fastest in taking snap and restore file reading at boot!!!

well done comodo !!! :-TU

Does my previous install of the last beta need to be uninstalled or can I install the RC over it?


The beta has to be uninstalled first, but from what egemen said the RC should be able to be updated from the GUI from now on and your new snapshots can then be kept.

Warning on uninstalling the previous version (2.1.116458.141):
I had it on a number of Windows 7 machines and had difficulty uninstalling it every time. Usually system would crash on boot, often requiring recovery to a previous disk image, often requiring fixing disk errors with chkdsk.
The same problems would also happen whenever I changed the size of a protected partition.
Sorry no details, just impressions.

Would you please unplug your external HDD and try again?

I’ve tried this and it still isn’t working

Does someone know the answer to my question?

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