Comodo Taskmaster: A Windows Task Manager Alternative

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      ** - optional

Tired of memory hogs? Can’t find a security software that suits your fancy? Worried your antivirus missed a critical virus? Confused of Windows Task Manager or it is disabled? Meet :P0l Comodo Taskmaster :P0l and take back control of your PC!

Taskmaster is basically a Windows task manager alternative with the inclusion of the following features*:

-starts on boot via expressboot (quick boot and loads immediately before others)

-detection of hidden services

-blacklist and whitelist of user-picked applications and/or services (same as defense +)

-detailed security rating (via behavior and characteristics of app/service e.g. signed by trusted vendor? monitors user activities? logs sounds or passwords? etc. overall rating safe/harmless/neutral/suspicious/dangerous and brief description of process from light database [contains info about critical files] and community [like the one on cis])

-option to minimize to system tray

-listing of modules used by selected app/service and complete file path

-file locking (same feature as comodo defense +)

-automatic sandboxing of unknown(unsigned/by unknown vendor or signature) programs (another great feature of defense +)**

-same configuration settings as defense + sandbox (customizable of course with the slider thing. loved the ease of it)

-memory management via rules (if x application exceeds n% CPU Usage, then lower rights to a and if resource consumption exceeds y, then trim memory [via API call] force trim)

-unlock files in use

-option to scan via comodo cloud scanner if installed or upload to comodo for analysis if not

-option to replace windows task manager

-self-protection module (to avoid being disabled by viruses)

-option to kill/freeze/block for a period of time selected/all running applications and selected unnecessary services

-diagnostic tool for installation (wonderful addition to the cis. i loved that feature)

-portable version and small installer

-a cleaner interface and skinnable**

-HHD temperature monitor

-absolutely free

*it means to say it still includes all the regular features of windows task manager but with the inclusion of the above features

What do you guys say? O0


Nice idea
but i would like to see it portable (:TNG)


This is a nice idea, but COMODO should use Process Explorer and/or Process Hacker code to develop it and put it built in CIS, in replace to the poor “View Active Process List”.

Hi spainach_12,

Strongest - No!

Please use Process Explorer (as mentioned by The Joker) / Process Monitor / DbView/ etc. / other numerous & excellent existing Utilities by SysInternals & other similar free Tools.

As for the kinda fighting malware with this new creature and espacially incorporating “sandboxing” - that is not serious as I can see it.

You do have already “not-a-sandbox” implemented, therefore please use it if you believe in it, or use existing (again) working solutions (free) for real sandboxing and/or virtualization.


ok… I also included that it can be made portable (kinda like anvir). I wanted it to have an installer too. So why not just portable? it’ll be easier for it to analyze files (i think), and it’ll give you more control since it is working on kernel level. I’m not really sure as of now if a portable utility can do that.

sandboxing is an optional feature. not really necessary to include it. :stuck_out_tongue: the only working solution i’ve found is defense +. But hey, if defense + can’t be a standalone module, (it’s posted here somewhere, I’m quite sure. ;)) then this might be an alternative. kinda like a free winpatrol with a few more features.

Yet Another (remote) Process Manager (that’s really it’s name) is my current pick. But the encryption does not work on fat32 formats and is rendered useless in my system. It works great for troubleshooting, but when infection breaks in, I have to do quite a lot of things depending on the changes made. It’ll be difficult to disinfect immediately and quite a number of restarts will probably be required. Quite a time consumer. Why not get a supplement? It consumes at least 35.47 MB of RAM. Installing another security program will kill (exaggeration) my PC. Its only got 220 MB of RAM and a single instance of ie is enough to slow my pc.

The reason for my suggesting of a task manager is that applications like this can prove to be really helpful. It has features not found in usual security suites such as hotkey launching, direct process control, running applications, detailed analysis, smaller resource consumption, no more database updates, full user control (yeah, I’m a control freak), etc. So if a new malicious software manages to bypass most internet security suites, you can use this to remove it manually and immediately instead of having to wait for a signature to be released. Most of the free versions do not offer this much features. If their apps do, you’d probably have to pay for it.

Well, that’s my stand. Again, I repeat: What do you guys say?