Comodo takes too long to update (On old computers)

On slow and low memory computers comodo takes too long to update (about 30 minutes) and makes the computer unusable.

I have an old laptop with Windows XP, athlon XP 2000+ and 512 MB of RAM and for 30 minutes I can’t use it because comodo is updating the virus definitions. Only happens after a long period without updating (like 24H)

Try updating to 3.12 which is better behaved with this. Also add the pagefile to the AV exclusions. The pagefile can be typically found in c:\pagefile.sys.

It is 3.12
Tomorrow I’ll check if excluding page file do anything good, but don’t think so because the “don´t scan files larger than 20 MB” option is checked

It takes long to update because update server is rather slow and update is huge. I have a powerful computer and the upate was taking forever.

In the update process cmdagent.exe gets around 210 MB incidentally hitting 260 MB from what I have seen. To free up memory Windows will move not used program to the pagefile. Not monitoring the paging process is known to work on (older) systems with 512 MB or less RAM memory.

Nope, because there is no traffic. The problem is with the demand for huge amount of memory needed to update, but only after a long period without any updates

…and excluding page file does not work for me

On XP with 1 GB it takes up to 5 minutes or so with noticeable impact. It is not crippling though.

Try disabling all other security/network related programs to see if that makes a difference. Are you using a clean or upgrade install of 3.12?