Comodo System Utilities what is found and cleaned

Was going to post part of this under Comdod Cloud Scanner in the Discontinued Folder, but did not find where I could post.

Although Comodo Cloud Scanner has been Discontinued, it still is available for download at although no new updates are available.

I used it to compare what is found and what is cleaned, using Comodo System Utilities (In agresive mode when possible) for each area.

Comodo Cloud Scanner
Detects malware and suspicious files

Discovers privacy issues & identity traces
Reveals corrupt, unwanted and invalid registry entries
Identifies ALL junk files on your disk

Detects hidden processes running on your computer

When items are discovered with CSU, I wish that a warning would be placed next to them that deleting might be dangerous and would not be deleted!

Because of the above I am not sure about registry cleaning with Comodo System Utilities.

A week ago when I used CSU I noticed that the recycle bin never seemed to be emptied after running CSU but does after running Ccleaner or ATF Cleaner.
Also there usually are some MRU’s left after running CSU but always 0 remaining after running Ccleaner, by running MRU-Blaster immediately after and looking at the MRU items to be cleaned…

Not sure exactly what it removes but always like the “Shortcuts” removal and “Unnecessary” removal from ToniArts EasyCleaner. This is after running Ccleaner.
EasyCcleaner did not empty the recycle bin either, but usually found a few extra registry keys but not always.