COMODO System Utilities 4.0 Released!!!


We are happy to announce that Comodo System Utilities 4.0 FREE has been released to the public.

FREE version features:

  • Registry Cleaner
  • Privacy Cleaner
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Profile based scan and clean
  • Scan and Clean schedule
  • Shredder
  • Force Delete
  • Autoruns Manager
  • Registry Defragmenter
  • Backup is done using COMODO Backup API

Known issues:

None that we know of

Bug Reports:

Please use to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Locations:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit:

Size : 12,9 MB (13.530.592 bytes)
MD5 : 6d8a51607f64379a7cfb21f4bbdebe0b
SHA1 : 93e094813810cb908a3ca65ffa89694d5e5c561d

Portable version 32 bit:
Size : 6,53 MB (6.853.377 bytes)
MD5 : a0311007fe6f9a54eda43f6b6ac41dc2
SHA1 : 652b7a44a77fddcb01d5ac3ae9c67a267aafb518

Portable version 64 bit:
Size : 7,96 MB (8.357.012 bytes)
MD5 : 8e840d7a2f745a8b7095b89baa13b9c8
SHA1 : 14e4cbac23d7602ddfc92b8e994f1c00f94c5023


This release came later than expected, but this is just because we wanted to ensure the quality of this product.
A PRO version of CSU will be available next week.

Registry defrag is there. Why no disk defrag?


The world is slowly moving to SSD’s. And with SSD’s, the defrag operation is no longer necessary. So for now we sit back and notice the trend. There is no point into making a defag program, that will take several months to complete, and when we finish it, just see that no one will use it.
Also, there is no point into making an average defrag program. If we’ll ever do this, we’ll try to make it the best. And this takes a long time.
So my answer is that maybe we’ll do a defrag program in the future, but only if the demand will remain high enough.

excellent work guys!

New stuff to play with ;D


Can i install this One over CSC 2.2 Build 5


Because CSU has a different name than CSC, and a different install path, Even is CSU is seen by Windows as a different product, this is really an upgrade to CSC. For this reason, CSU asks the user to uninstall any previous versions of CSC.

congrats! another great release

Now bring CTM

I have the following issue:

Win7, x64 Enterprise.
CSU 4.0.x x64 portable.

Logged on as Standard user, using ‘Run as Administrator’ enter password for UAC prompt and then I get this:

[attachment deleted by admin]


Although CSU supports multiple users, the users must be administrators. We cannot support standard users because a lot of our functionality like : registry cleaning, registry defrag, force delete, shreder, autoruns manager will not be available.

Thank you very much i uninstall it okay it is Multi language

The simple observation that I mentioned with the last version still exists.

CSU does not Empty nor Clean the Recycle bin ? Tried it 3 times even after rebooting a 2nd time.

I will still use ATF Cleaner and Ccleaner for cleaniing the Recycle bin and MRU Blaster for additional privacy cleaning.


But that’s why Microsoft made the ‘Run as Administrator’ function ;D

This also means that ‘standard’ users will never be able to clean their privacy traces, and an admin won’t be able to clean that specific users privacy traces either right?


We focused on the launch until now. Any item that is cleaned, must be added into our cleaning database. One we launch the PRO version next week, we will concentrate into improving our cleaning database. This will include Recycle Bin.

Yes, but CSU is designed to work with the logged user. And this must be an administrator. I’ll add your request to the feature list for the next updates.

I just tried the portable version. I played with it for about an hour and the same old problems are still there. It’s a pain entering multiple Filter Entries in Disk Cleaner. After setting up a profile and exporting it, CSU won’t let me import the profile I just saved. Some of the settings won’t stick when I try to customize a profile. Seeing that I was having these problems, I didn’t run the program for fear of system damage. I’ll be staying with Comodo System Cleaner 2.2.335611.5 which works perfectly on my system.

I will ask out QA guys to work with you, so we can detect the problem, if you want. We’ve tested this scenarios on out computers and everything was fine. This why we were confident that the problems were fixed.

I will uninstall the CSC and i will Run you Cleaning Tool from comodo to Droste the Other files and it is Multi language

That’s not necessary. I was just giving it a try. I don’t particularly like the GUI. All the settings are buried under multiple tabs and drop-downs. I like the GUI of v2.2.335611.5 much better. Most settings are on one panel. The older version works fine and I have the new features of v4.0 covered with other programs.