Comodo System Cleaner

Is it safe to use ?

If i use it , i include privacy cleaner also in active clean , why is not checked by default btw ?

Is it stable ?

Or am i better off with CCleaner ?

the current version is far from stable , it gave me a lot of blue screens of deaths and pc crashes…i personally nevre would touch this software EVER AGAIN!!!

your way better of with ccleaner , iobit advanced system care or winutillities free!!!

I’d advise not using Iobit. That said, I’ve never had a problem with Ccleaner.

Also, that said again ;D, I’ve never had a problem with the Beta Version. It seems to have been very well designed.

in the beta version they changed a majority of the code to fix bugs and stability and its very noticable. i never used comodo system cleaner before the new beta version. now i use it and havent had any problems. i would give the beta version a try.

thanks guys , i will download the new Comodo System Utlities when the final release is there , beta releases are not without risks in my opinion.

probably a smart idea the final should be released soon