comodo system cleaner killed my laptop desperate help req!

hi I used the system cleaner on my laptop after reboot it gave me option to save or delete files depending if system was ok, man i was just checking a couple of apps and it crashed the laptop,now when it trys to boot it only gets to the safe mode options ,it wont boot in any of the options ie safe mode ,last known good cnfig or normal mode ,if i boot from disc i get the recovery option but im not sure how to use this and when i looked it up was told to just press 1 and enter but the admin password screen never comes up and says 1 is not a reconized command , can anyone tell what I could try next I could do without a clean install because from some forums I belive it difficult to find all the drivers,
Pentium M

Processor number
Processor speed
Motherboard chipset
Intel 855GME chipset
Amt of RAM
1024 MB (max 1536 MB)
Hard drive
60 GB
Card Reader
MS, MS Pro
Optical drive
DVD double layer writer

Panic Not!

Reboot your machine and run it in SAFE MODE.

Use your System Restore which is created everytime Comodo System Cleaner does a cleanup of your system. Incidentally, a System Restore is done every night as a checkpoint and usually when you install a program.

If you don’t want to do this, when you did your registry cleanup, there will be a backup automatically made. Simply restore the backup and reboot!

Backups are always made with comodo system cleaner so anything can be undone!


hi im not able to boot in any mode as soon as I try it sets of for about 5 seconds then loops back to booting the safe mode options screen ,I cant get past this to do a system restore thx

I’ll have to have a look later when I get home from work.

P.S. Using last good config is always an option…

Feel free to PM an online Moderator for further help for the time being…


last config wont work either only thing i can do is put xp disc in press r for recovery but then it wont let me onto admin screen ?

Looks really bad. You might want to try to restore your window using WinXP / Vista option during setup.

What make laptop? If you do a clean install (last resort)?

Check the manual that came with your laptop. Mines an Acer and if I press Alt + F10 (I think) I get the menu to restore from the original ghost image.