Comodo System Cleaner Crashes on update


Just installed the CSC and went through all three scans. It found a lot of problems and corrected them.
After this I saw the update function and tried to start it, several times. I crashes immediately with the ‘‘the program doesn’t work anymore…’’ message every time I try.

I’m running vista ultimate 32 bit and have a broadband internet connection. My son is on the same connection with his pc and plays online games without any problems whatsoever.

Where can I get an update or is it not necessary?

Windows updates are OFF since I had to reinstall my pc after Microsoft’s last botch-up. These guys think they don’t even need to apologize for the mayhem they cause with their shoddy work

Hi incogman, welcome to the forums.

Sorry you’ve not had a reply, but you seem to have posted this in a place where not many people look. So, I’ll move your topic somewhere better. Since you didn’t mention which version you had, I’ll assume it’s not a beta and move it to the general CSC Help section.