Comodo System-Cleaner and Window 7 issues

Comodo System-Cleaner is a great product on 32 bit systems, ie Windows XP. It falls down with conflict issues on the 64 bit systems, ie Windows 7. When you download the product and run it. All appears on the surface to be fine. It however is not. When you try to download a file and save it off the internet, you will get an error of “There are no more files.” Thus you won’t be able to save the files. The only way to resolve the error problem is to unistall Comodo. Talking with Microsoft they say its a 64 bit conflict with a 32 bit system. Even though one downloads the 64 bit Comodo Software there still is this conflict issue. I am hoping Comodo will find a fix and resolve the issue. They have a great product that needs a band aid to fix the issue at hand… Thanks…

I’m using windows 7 64bit & Comodo System-Cleaner with no problems.
I’ve never experienced any problems downloading files and saving them.


Can you tell us what version of CSC are you using? Also a screenshot with the error will help.

I’ve installed CSC some days ago, then I’ve discovered that my PC restarts without a reason. I also found the process “Cleaner_validator.exe” overload the CPU (Phenom 2 X6).
I have uninstalled CSC and now the PC never restarts, CPU load is normal and anything seems to be fine.
I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.