Comodo System Cleaner - 5 Stars at

Reviewed this year!

Nice points:

+we plan on keeping it installed on our system
+yet it’s free, which makes it the best bargain there is.


5 STARS??? With so many problems I have now due to CFRMD I am going there to give just 1 star!!!

Here they are as I posted somewhere else in the forum:

[i]Recentely I notice that the program windows (IE for exemple) take longer to close. Not instantely as before. They close from top to botom by lines, anyway they (all) take less than a second but we can see clearly the windows closing. If I move one window around on the screen it leaves traces behind… It never hapened before.
And the worse: my computer does not turn off anymore, it restarts instead. If I switch XP to “not restart the system automaticly” I get a BSOD. In the events viewer the erros say that the problem is with “CFRMD”.
When I press CTL-ALT-DEL I notice no difference in the use of the CPU.

I have a laptop with CSC too and I noticed identical problems as well. And it does not swith off all of the times…[/i]. And I got a few BSOD too.