COMODO System-Cleaner 3.0 build 37 Released

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Release notes

Main features

Registry Clean. Remove any corrupt or unnecessary registry entries.
Disk Clean. Boost your PC’s speed by cleaning out its junk. Delete duplicate files and needless archives.
Privacy Clean. Protect your privacy by removing all your privacy traces from the system.
Delete locked entries. Delete locked files and registry entries using Force Delete.
Shred your personal data. Permanently remove files, partitions and entire disk data with Shredder, in order to protect your privacy.
Easy-to-use GUI. GUI just got easier to use. Use our default cleaning profiles or create your own. Cleaning your computer is just one click away.

New features

Registry monitoring. You can get instant scan results to registry entries also.
Force delete. You can now delete not only locked files but locked registry entries also.


Best scan speed. Get instant scan results with our monitor driver. Cleaning has never been faster.
Better clean speed. Improved clean engine, with 30% boost in performance.

Innovation & technology

Active Clean. Select “Active Clean” mode and you will never have to press a button. System-Cleaner will do the clean for you.
Smart cleaning profiles. Define your own profiles for the best cleaning experience.

Backups. Backups are made using COMODO Backup API. You can restore them either from Comodo System-Cleaner or Comodo Backup.
Updating database. Every day improved cleaning experience by constantly updating out cleaning database.
Update to BETA. Keep in touch with all new versions by updating to BETA versions (optionally).
One click feedback. Tell us if you like/dislike our backup system cleaner by clicking on feedback button.


Please use COMODO System-Cleaner 3.0 build 37 Public Release BUG REPORTS to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.


Setup for Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Server 2003 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Server 2008 32-bit/64-bit:

Size : 9.04 MB (9,482,240 bytes)
MD5 : 8d202f1b99d1725cb12d03cfc4f4c000
SHA1 : 0846ed351c479f7dbd0bb691675f839a893f5eb2

Good job! But can you send me Estonian/English resource files so that I can translate CSC 3.0? Right now Estonian translation is really old

Downloading …

looks great, downloaded and installed. I will put it to the test today to see how well it works.

And who is the german translation for it

look here


Thank you very much for this

Thanks, great job guys! :-TU

Good work Razvan and Team!!


No Portable Version??


Nice! In next version would be nice when it will be thing like “Turbo mode” :smiley:
Great, thanks.

portable version? what should that be good for?

For cleaning multiple computers from a flash drive, etc.

+1 (or just set it on a network drive so everyone in family/organization can use it without installing


I find portable ones good. No need to install & especially if you have other users using the same system & given the fact that however good a registry cleaner is, there is always a risk with these type of softwares & I dont want the other users to play with these tools on the system, especially when the users are average users, you know how curious they are sometimes.

Above all I find portable version good & flexible.


Edit - 3 options are there. Basic, Normal & Indepth. I guess Indepth is the one which was the default for CSC 2, m I right??? Basic & Normal cleans very few things. Is Indepth good & advisable??? I never had any prob with CSC 2 defaults.

okey I didn’t know that :slight_smile: thx for valuable info naren.

Finally, three weeks are over!

:smiley: :-TU

When AvtiveClean is activating? When for example we have 10, 20 registry errors?
Maybe all the time?
And it will be nice when for example in ver 4, 3.1 we will see disk defrag :stuck_out_tongue:

And the last:
finding junk files/registry keys can be improve:)
Cc found something which CSC didn’t see.
You can see, that i unistalled MBAM, and CPM. Some entries which CSC didn’t see, Cc did.

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