COMODO System Cleaner 2.0.107697.4 Public Release!


We are happy to announce that COMODO System Cleaner 2.0.107697.4 Public Release is available for download.


  • A Registry Cleaner that identifies, removes or repairs any unnecessary, corrupted or malicious entries
  • A Disk cleaner that removes all the junk data from your disk drive to free up space and improve performance
  • A Privacy cleaner deletes any usage records, helping you to protect your privacy and identity
  • SafeDelete™ and RegistryProtection™ lets Comodo System Cleaner clean as deeply as possible without fear of removing something vital to your PC’s performance
  • An advanced tool that will help you manage your installed services, drivers and startup applications
  • Includes a Windows customization tool to reveal previously obscure Windows settings and lets you tweak and change them with ease
  • A wiper tool that will erase your private data
  • A System Information tool, that will provide advanced information about the software and hardware installed in your computer
  • Constant updates of applications and malicious database

Bug Reports:

Please use to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Locations:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit

Size: 19,0 MB (19.939.632 bytes)
MD5: 9b267605d86cc62903872c06982fa1df
SHA1: ac953bb7fb189a8b2d9730fd39ec02ee28e50e4e

Portable version for Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit

Size: 14,2 MB (14.965.118 bytes)
MD5: 9beda7837ffb4b6d082f804e1f023da0
SHA1: 88e0f25ea95f811ed1997ffbdbb6f81197facafe

The new installer looks nice. Kudos to Comodo for the new version.

In my computer it found 39 malicious entries. I didn’t clean it though! I think it would have been better if there is an option to upload it to Comodo to properly check, as it is just out of beta (after three quick betas and no RC AFAIK) either by exporting to text file or direct lookup like that in CIS to ensure that these are really malicious.

I can take the risk of removing entries like Google Desktop Manager etc. but some are shown in HKey Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\windows folder.

Any way nice job. Shall report back if I find anything else.

Good work guys!

Keep up the great R&D you guys have been engaged in and keep delivering the best possible products for our users! They deserve nothing less!


i dont think its a bug so posting here. i had .38 version. under system settings i had restored defaults and applied and restarted the system and finalized. this means the settings restored to defaults permanently. right?? today i uninstalled .38 and restarted the system and searched for comodo system cleaner and CSC and removed the related things. installed this latest version. under system settings its showing the previous checkmarks and not the restored default ones which i had applied. how it is possible to revert back when the default settings were applied permanently?? does uninstallation of comodo system cleaner reverts system settings back to what it was before applying default settings. plzz clear the point.


I couldn’t post it to the previous beta topic, so I do this just here: the font issue seems to be solved in both portable and installer version of CSC, so it doesn’t needs more attention. Thank you guys, good job!

Well done, Comodo staff! (:CLP)

Thank you!

Nice job guys… keep up the great work ;D

So far it’s working nicely on my machine, but I have one important comment which I brought up many months ago (still no change):

CPC (Windows section) offers to clean Driver Cache by default. You really should consider having this unchecked by default, as removing these files disables the possibility of easily plugging in new hardware such as USB sticks.



 Thanks for the suggestion. 
 In a day or two we'll fix this in our application database and CSC will automatically update  the changes.

Great, thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the new release!

Two little typos slipped in the announcement:

  • A wiper tool that will erase your provate data
  • A Sistem Information tool, that will provide advanced informattion about the software…

Best regards

Thank you!!

now it will private & Sostem )

Finally nonbeta! Thanks for portable. Let’s try it…

Version for download on Comodo web site is still 1.1.64946.38.



The web site will be updated next week.

Congratulations! I now download and test :wink:


Ah, speaking of typos, Razvan Raschitor:

When launching CSC for the first time and the application database update was performed, there was some message in the bottom right corner - above the Windows task bar tray. I think a word was misspelled there but I don’t remember the message. Do you know what I’m referring to?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the observation. I know what you mean.

Congratulations on the release…(:CLP)

The program brings some languages, but I see that does not bring Spanish language (which I translated.) Can be missing more languages?

Thanks :slight_smile: