comodo suite

???yo, cool faces,
look maybe i’m an idiot because i don’t understand if the firewall is activated it deactivates the res, is that the idea?
I complained to yahoo about their spyware,adware anytime you click any yahoo link but most definite the emoticons, no way they don’t know right?
I get an email response as soon as opened #=4 Deadly trojans now when comodo suite, antivirus, firewall, yada yada, by the time it said infected that was it.
Lost my info mainly my book, so the program did not tell me on time, did not isolate, it just let my laptop get F…d,
here is the ??? why? and when i activate firewall (free version tks.) seems the rest seems to just take space, IE: superantimalware i have to run min. 5-7 XXX / day comodo av does not detect so what do u suggest?

I like the speed but it crashes as much as chrome, but i still use it, can’t hav more than 2 tabs open at a time, not even the task manager shows, i mean FROZEN and that is soo frustrating , i apend 8-10 h/day on this since the acer fell and ciao lcd and the new HP was stolen, barely enjoyed it 4 months and here in the 3d world Colombia u pay three times amount for any electronic.Pls help,
i may be an idiot or just so tired + frustrated still i humbly ask for your best thought, input.

Best Regards,

Patricia Echeverry

well ill try to understand what you said…i would try another av and comodo firewall maybe???

Can you rephrase what you said. It is very hard to understand what you are trying to say. Please list problems one at a time; don’t refer to two or three problems in one sentence f.e…