COMODO Suite Updater

Just to toss my two cents about…

…ever thought of making an updater like Adobe/Apple/M$ so users can keep up with your awesome free products, like the backup software, etc. ?

I love CIS, and I love your products (I love helping others who are about to drop big $$$ on Norton, they always look at me like I’m from outer space when I say ‘FREE’), and it does update itself. However, keeping up with your other free products (or betas for that matter) through a single Updater/Manager app would be great! Maybe even slip it into CIS?

I dunno… just a thought. 88)

Oh, and uh, disk image backups.

There. That’s my two cents.

(I’m new, so if in wrong thread, just redirect, I’m just amazed you even have a forum like this)

I’d suggest that too. I’d use it!

And behold Comodo Backup and Comodo Time Machine.