Comodo stops my games from running

I am about to throw Comodo in the trash bin.

I do not know if this is a firewall or anti-virus, or defense plus problem.

When I start a lot of my games I get a black screen that just sits there and locks up my PC. All I can do I reboot.

I do not get a Comodo popup window asking me if it is o.k. to run the games exe or dll.

I have windows 7 64 bit.

When I tell Comodo Internet Security suite to Exit and shut down I do not have any problem running these games.

None of these games are online games. All are regular games that I play in single player mode although some may have a multiplayer mode, I am not telling the game to connect to any game server. I do not play online games.

Can anyone please help?

BTW, I read “A Note to Gamers” in the FAQ. This is unacceptable and will not help me. I have 167 ( One Hundred and Sixty Seven) games installed on my computer. If this is your only solution, then I must not use this software. Please someone give me a better solution… or you can come over to my house and spend 5 hours configuring all my games.

Put D+ in Training mode, launch your game, play for 5 minutes, exit game then all is fine.
This is until Game Mode will be implemented in CIS (ver. 51.89.125889.666 from 15.12.2015 ;D).

I just edited this post above, you may not have seen it. That training mode idea is Not an option for me. I have 167 games installed on this machine and i will be danged if i am going to do that for 167 games!

I need a better solution.

This post seems to have double posted. I did not post this twice in this forum, I do not know how that happened.

Oh well that’s the solution for now and for near future. :frowning:

I would rather hear that from an official representative of the company who really knows first hand what he is talking about. Are you such an official representative?

That is completely outrageous and unacceptable. Why would defense plus choose to do this with games and not every application on your hard drive? That makes no sense to me. There must be a setting I can change to fix this… if there is not one, then this product needs to be seriously redesigned.

Nope, I’m a user like you. :slight_smile:

See my edit… again… sorry… love to edit.

Hey Mr. Global Moderator…Dennis2, I already said I do not know how that happened so get off my back Jack.

If you start a game firsttime you will get an alert for this game, treat this to trusted app and everything is fine.

In CIS V4 such a full screen or game mode seems not to be implemented - i am using the Beta.

The point is, that when the game goes to full screen, a d+ message appears behind it and this locks up your computer.

Another way of dealing with this is adding the executables and .bat files that belong to your games to My Own Safe Files (Defense + → Common Tasks). This way CIS will make rules automatically.

Another strategy is making the publisher’s of the games part of My Trusted Software Vendors. This will only create rules when all executables used are digitally signed.

No that does Not happen. i can uninstall these games and reinstall them, and on first run I get… black screen… no popup alert… Hey that would be nice if that did work… but it does not. This app is toast.

Yeah right… you wanna come over and do that for 167 games?

That is Nutz… I have never seen any other software like this work so poorly with games.

No one answered my question…

Why does it do this with games and not every application on your hard drive?

What about this… Can I completely disable this garbage you call defense plus and just run the firewall and anti-virus?

I found it.

This, you SHOULD Sticky ! Right click the Comodo icon in the system tray and check Disable Defense and Security level.

I asked all of you for a better solution.

NO ONE told me I could just disable the stupid thing!

Are all of you DAFT?

Can’t any of you understand ENGLISH?

Why did None of you simply tell me I could disable this? - Even the Mod! - Outrageous !

Oh and BTW, You cannot download and install Just a firewall… or Just an Anti-virus. No… you Must install the Internet Security Suite then choose which components you want to install…

BUT You do not even see in the installer… or even know that this Defense Plus Garbage is bundled with it - The installer does not tell you this !!

Comodo sneaks Defense Plus onto your system! You only find out about it when you open the system tray icon! That is the LOWEST of the LOW !!

So STICKY THIS Important bit of Info will ya…

If you have 167 games installed on your system and are fed up with Defense Plus’s ■■■■… DISABLE THE GARBAGE !!!

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t hate Comodo. In fact, you guys have a product I love… Comodo Time Machine.

It’s Great for a Free version of Rollback RX. If you can afford Rollback RX, go with it instead. Has lots more features.

Man it’s not necessary to yell at us. :frowning:
If you have the patience to search through the forums all your questions have answers, they’re well known by users and Comodo staff/developers.
And I don’t know how often do you visit forums but don’t expect that all your answers to be replied quickly.

Originally intended as a PM but I changed my mind and am posting to the thread as well

Subject: My personal apologies for your experiences.

Dear sir

I am sorry, we could not be of more help to you, regarding your problem. The fact is that I thought I would bet several people knew the answer that you yourself discovered from the start. The first thing that they try to do is maintain the protection that D+ offers. Setting up this with D+ in training mode has been an acceptable solution for the majority of CIS gamers and believe me there several million at least.

You stated:
“I have never seen any other software like this work so poorly with games”

If this is a fact please feel free to try another software.

You also Stated:
“Comodo sneaks Defense Plus onto your system! You only find out about it when you open the system tray icon!”

Defense plus is an integral part of the Comodo security philosophy. Comodo has included some sort of hips in its Firewall since version 2.4 and has made no secret of it.

When you approach a problem with an offensive attitude, you find people much less like likely to want to be helpful. I hope that if you continue to approach problems in you life with the same attitude as this problem, you find people much more receptive to your over all pleasant attitude. However, when I see this kind of attitude I generally just sit back and watch and wait to see if they self destruct, die of a heart attack or solve the problem. Even if I know what the Client/User requires to solve the problem, I have found that you don´t really need this kind of Client - they make for many headaches and are not worth the few references the will generate.

I hope you find you future experiences with Comodo much more pleasant but this will largely depend on your initial approach to a problem

A Comodo Volunteer

PS this is my Personal opinion on this matter and has nothing at all to do with the opinions of Comodo

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