COMODO still showing up in Vista SP1 Security center after uninstall [Resolved]

OK, heres the story. I had Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 and I installed COMODO Firewall Pro. It was causing issues and it was too advanced so I uninstalled it and restarted. However, the problem is that the Vista Security Center still shows COMODO firewall as running.

Screenshot is attached. I have already:

  • Ran the official uninstaller
  • Ran CCleaner to remove registry entries
  • Manually removed empty Comodo folder from Program Files
  • Manually deleted Comodo registry keys from regedit

What else can I do? I’m stumped, please help!

[attachment deleted by admin]

Try thread below for more info reguarding removal from security centre.

Thanks for the quick reply, but after running Ragwing’s EXCELLENT batch uninstaller its all fine!

Great to hear that you solved the problem! I’ll close this topic now, but should you need it opened, PM an online moderator with a link to this topic.