Comodo Still failing PC Flank Leak test on my machine. now using v2.4 [resolved]

For some reason, Comodo is not leak proof opn my machione. See results below of PC Flank Leak Test. Jan 22, 2007 00:22:23 GMT Comodo 2.4 on Jan 21-2007 Jan 21, 2007 23:01:08 GMT Comodo 2.4 Sep 26, 2006 20:07:26 GMT test-running-not saving file Sep 26, 2006 15:24:09 GMT OA Completely disabled Sep 26, 2006 15:14:17 GMT Test with OA Off Sep 23, 2006 19:33:38 GMT OA disabled Sep 23, 2006 19:09:42 GMT Comodo-2 Sep 22, 2006 20:11:05 GMT For Paul -9-22-06 Sep 22, 2006 19:12:12 GMT Comodo Sep 22, 2006 18:44:49 GMT biged May 22, 2006 19:40:12 GMT GMP May 15, 2006 14:43:57 GMT gmp May 15, 2006 13:36:53 GMT gmp May 15, 2006 12:36:46 GMT gmp


When the alerts for each leak test come up, you do realise that you are supposed to BLOCK them, don’t you? If you block them, the data is not sent to the Comodo servers.

We have had a couple of people saying that even after the clicked ALLOW it leaked. Their basic problem was that htey misunderstood what a leak test does and how they were supposed to interact with it and the resulting firewall alerts.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Comodo does not give me any alerts. I download the test, run it, and am told that I have failed.


I just re-tested the PC-Flank leaktest against CFP & it passed without any problems.

Check CFPs Application Monitor & see if you have an entry for PCFlankLeaktest.exe… also, I assume that CFPs Security Level was set to “Custom”? Also have you turned off any of CFPs Application Behavior Analysis (ABA) options?

I went in and deleted all application rules involving IE. This solved the problem. I now pass.

However, I did not create a rule to allow pcflank.exe to use OLE automation. But other products that I have on my desktop do require to use OLE automation through IE. Must have been one of those rules.

I will put resolved on this thread and lock it.