Comodo stealing focus

Sometimes Comodo makes an icon come up in the taskbar, and it takes focus away from other applications.
This is especially annoying when watching a full screen movie, or playing a game, and the game loses focus, and minimises.
Today I was playing a game, whilst documents were open in the background. In the middle of playing the game, it minimised randomly. This game doesn’t like to minimise, and so my entire computer hung, then crashed. I lost data from the documents, as well as being disconnected from the game server I was in. And as usual, the cause was something that Comodo was doing. As I saw the comodo taskbar icon to the far left (XP) of the icons, as it was the most recent to appear.
The next time I play this game, I am going to have to close the firewall application.

What could cause this to appear, and how can I disable it?

Many Thanks,

Try removing the first three options under Comodo Preferences - the auto-update, messages and message centre.

See if that helps. I agree, it’s a massive pain in the backside to have a program stealing focus. This kind of problem should never make it out of beta phase.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve done as you said, and I also found an option “Game Mode”, which blocks Comodo popups etc.


I have the exact same problem; it appears its the auto update that’s stealing the focus (a brief second C-shield icon in the systray).

This bug has been reported: