Comodo Start up sequence

Using both latest Comodo firewall and Avast 4.x Home.

On Windows XP Home, SP 2.

As suggested, I installed Comodo Firewall prior to installing Avast.

However, upon turning on the computer, from a cold start up, and reboot, Avast seems to load first;

then Windows generates a “Firewall Not Installed” notification from Windows XP Home.

Then after a bit, Comodo installs but not without Windows Security center opening … well, you get the picture.

Is there any way to ensure that Comodo loads first in plenty of time to allow the firewall to fully load before Avast loads or is there any way to slow down the loading of Avast to ensure the firewall is installed prior to Avast loading?

I thought of placing this topic on a Comodo forum and decided to place it here first, since Avast apparently loads first, (either out of sequence- or perhaps more efficiently)

and I wish to have Comodo load first to ensure my firewall is loaded upon turning on the computer from a boot up start, prior to the Aast loading.

Apologies if I made a mistake placing this query on this forum.

Thank you,

Welcome to the forums, Robert (:WAV)

There are a couple things… first, you are protected during boot; this occurs before the login load order (such as what you are seeing). During boot, CFP automatically blocks all incoming connections; you also have the ability to stop all outgoing connections as well (Security/Advanced/Advanced Attack Detection/Miscellaneous - doing this might interfere with obtaining your DHCP lease).

The GUI itself loads late in the CFP load process, and may come in behind other things in the general load order. This may result in Windows Security Center saying there’s no firewall, click the balloon to fix it. Not something to worry about.

However, if it’s causing you difficulties, or you just don’t want it acting that way, you might try a startup management program that allows you more control than Windows does. I personally use StartRight (JoeJoe Software); others use Starter (CodeStuff), StartUp (ExtraMile Software), Startup CPL (Mike Lin). These are all freeware, and available from Major Geeks.

Hope this helps,


Thank you, I feel better.

Does Startright really make a difference enough to install for an everyday user?


I think it does. The reason I started using it was because a different program had extremely long load cycle, and delayed the desktop becoming active for several minutes, and sometimes froze altogether. I had a tried a startup manager in the past (I don’t remember the name, it wasn’t one I listed above) but didn’t care for it; it seemed like it took too long itself, LOL. So I looked around and found StartRight, and saw an immediate difference.

You might end up checking all those out, and see what works best for your system (they will all be a little different, I can pretty much guarantee). The idea is all basically the same, though - not only can you control what goes in the startup list, you can also control the order in which it loads, and the time between applications loading, so that they’re not all at once, either. I have CFP at the top, and my problem program at the bottom, with the default timing in between each program.


Well, thank you for teh depth of your comment.

Now I have something to consider and will give the idea of a start up manager some thought.

Thanks again,

Slightly OT:

Shouldn’t these freeware Startup Managers be in the Freeware Collection?

Check the Utilities section, pepoluan ~ they should be there. I know I’ve added a couple myself… If any’s missing, let me know.