Comodo Staff Rock!

You comodo staff should pat yourself on the back and take a rest from the firewall!

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Only con is too much popups but only other firewall with that much alerts is jetico but that firewall isnt user friendly at all! Your firewall and zone alarm pro (yes only pro version) are the only firewalls not to get taken down even manually by the user unless uninstalled and your product is free!

And over at the avast forum they are thinking ur scared of competing with them, hahaha just because you didnt include them on the comparison list for your av.

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You notice how i said “take a rest from the firewall!” and thats because i want you to finish comodo antivirus 2.0 or 1.5 watever cause i cant wait for the antispyware incorporated in it!!! (L) (R) (V)

Thanks Coolio10 :slight_smile:
We are working very ■■■■■■■ the AV product, we realise there are many improvements that needs to be done on it, but then again when we launched Comodo Personal Firewall ver 1 we knew we had to do a lot of work too :slight_smile: Its only matter of time, we will deliver a good quality Anti Malware product.(AV +Anti spyware).


If the AV + AS gets as good as the FW they will make an unbeatable security suite and they can only improve from there on.


Hehehe ;D

They have every reason to be worried. I have tried more than 30 personal firewalls (including the most known ( like norton. mcafee, zonealarme, outpost, kerio, f-secure, pccillin, etc.) But except from Jetigo (another free firewall) none comes near CPF. CPF is the only one that blocks every single leaktest outthere ;D

And it seems that pretty soon the same will happen with CAV. ( I hope that it will have minimal impact at the resources like NOD32)

(R) or maybe I should say “Fear COMODO” ? ;D

We used to develop code for microcontrollers, so every byte counts! We will not only improve the product but the resource usage. :wink:


i wouldn’t go that far, since AVG email scanner still won’t work with comodo after 2 updates that were supposed to make it so

Hi W,

I am sure Comodo is working very hard to get this issue fixed.



In my experience the AVG email scanner is probably the most troublesome of its type, and I often end up disabling it to get users email working. This problem may not entirely be the fault of Comodo.

Although it’s nice to think emails are checked before they are downloaded, it’s really an unnecesary step, because the on-access scanner should detect any viruses when the attachments are saved to disk anyway.

I believe with AVG the virus will only be detected when executed, same as Comodo Antivirus.

Hey Justin,

Are you sure that the scanner (AVG or CAV) won’t scan the file when it is extracted from the email message?

Ewen :slight_smile: