Comodo SSL certificates refused

UPDATE: On March 21, 2018 Comodo or Cloudflare enabled the SSL Certificate. Whoever it was, thanks a lot!


I am a customer at cloudflare. Cloudflare informed me that Comodo refuse to create SLL certifcate for my webpage because the word “Apple” is used in the url.

Well, I am the curator and admin of the well known Apple-1 Registry. It is NOT about the company Apple, it is about the first computer of Apple, named APPLE-1. 40+ years ago…
It is only a webpage to list all Apple-1 and has nothing to do with Apple and nobody would expect anything like this. It is not a “fishing website”. Nothing is for sale and no ads are used.
The name of the first Apple Computer is Apple-1. I can’t change this. It is the name of this rare computer. PEACH-1 Computer would not help.

My online hope is, Comodo grant permission to cloudflare.