COMODO SSL CA 2 - Cirtificate Verification Problem

Every time my computer is rebooted a Security Alert message is dsplayed on my screen concerning a cirtificate verification problem. The exact error massage is this: “The cirtiicate can not be verified up to a trusted citificate authority”. The trusted path is as follows: 1) Add Trusted External CA Root, then 2) COMODO SSL CA, then 3)

The cirtifcate ISSUED BY “COMODO SSL CA 2” and ISSUED TO “” was valid from 12-5-2012 to 12-6-2012. So every time I reboot my compute, this cirtificate verification error message is displayed because the cirtifcate issued To “” has expired.

QUESTION ) What do I do to get a new valid cirtificate??? Do I get one from you folks or do I need to get one from Java/Oracle? What would be the easiest way? Thanks.

I’m wondering about this alert, also - but I have to ask. You have the notice in quotations. If the spelling is as you post here, that is not a valid notice. Please look at it carefully - “certificate” is the correct spelling. If your notice is spelled as you have it here, it certainly cannot be okay!

Good luck! I hope someone answers your question; I’m wondering the same thing!

Sorry!!! I’ve been spelling the word wrong - you are right, it is supposed to be “certificate” with an “e”, not an “i”. The error message is spelled correctly. Please see the attachment.

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