comodo/spybot conflict: advice requested

“Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” I have a large number of anti-malware stuff installed. With dsl, I feel comodo is an absolute necessity. (V)

I had Spybot 1.4; I upgraded to 1.5. I should have anticipated my mistake. comodo was there.

I installed Spybot English only, without Teatimer. Suspicion arose when the first update yielded, “No updates available.” Sure enough, when I turned off comodo, Spybot came back offering updated descriptions for ALL languages, and with updated immunization database, startup info, etc. I ran the initial scan, of course.

Now Spybot is really sluggish.

Please advise me as to whether it is possible for comodo and Spybot to “coexist” and, if so, how I may arrange for them to do so.

Oh, and, please “dumb down” your advice. I can type, but I’m no geek! ???

I myself use Spybot 1.5 and comodo Firewall and BOClean and have never had any issues so i believe they can coexist… But for me Spybot 1.5 is slow to load too

Are you sure that the updates application(not the main application) is allowed to access the Internet?
If yes; clear your logs and try to update it and see if you get anything in the logs.


I’m not sure I understand your phrasing but:

  • As stated before, when comodo was running, no spybot updates were available.

  • As stated before, IMMEDIATELY (2 minutes later…) upon exiting comodo, the “install updates” for spybot became available.

  • Just now, I cleared the comodo log and started spybot and, with comodo active and the log screen visible before me, watched as I ran a spybot update attempt. Spybot would have attempted to connect, I assume. No updates were available. No event seems to have been logged in comodo.

…Again, I do not know, the name of the Spybot update application. Perhaps I should inspect the Spybot folder for .exe files? If so, then where, and how, in comodo, may I ensure that these little boogers are allowed access for updates? (If that is what is needed…?)

  • Again, I am a dip…thanks for your help, and apologies for MY poor phrasing, if that’s what it is.

It’s named ‘SDUpdate.exe’ and located in the ‘Spybot - Search & Destroy’-directory, I guess it’s located in ‘Program files’ for you. If it’s in Application Monitor(Open Comodo->Security->Application Monitor), make sure it’s allowed and not blocked by mistake. Oh by the way, did you use the same update server when you updates it with Comodo disabled?


I had problems after installing Spybot v1.5 and after doing a further CPF scan for known applications (bottom right under Tasks) and ensuring Spybot was not blocked [as Ragwing has stated above] all was ok. I did find that v1.5 was very slow to both open and scan so in the end I uninstalled it and reverted back to v1.4.

I have read several posts in the Spybot forum that many others have encountered similar problems with v1.5 (which are now being addressed) and it seems that the problems with the new version have nothing to do with any firewall conflict.

For those having problems with slow start up for Spybot 1.5 read this:

It worked nicely for me and there is also a new spybot version on test (beta) that fixes some issues.