Comodo Specific IP Address Blocking Feature

I run a Game Server and currently use McAfee Firewall v8.1. The McAfee Firewall. (that I pay for), I’m now finding does not have some of the features I need, nor does it maintain a manageable Inbound Events Log. Because of this, I am considering switching to Comodo but… before I do, I have a few questions about Comodo’s IP Address Blocking Feature and Logging of Inbound Events.

My System Setup is a follows:
2.53 P4
Geforce Video Card
Twin WD Raptors
Onboard NIC

Here are my questions:

  1. Will Comodo allow me to Monitor all Inbound Events/IP Addresses?
  2. Are the Inbound Events captured/logged so I can I manipulate the Log relative to Banning/Prohibiting Specific IP Addresses from Accessing the Server or do I have to make seperate entires/Rules for each IP Address I wish to Ban/deny access to the Server? Also, can the List/Log be deleted daily, weekly, monthly…etc.?
  3. Does Comodo maintain a Seperate List/Log of Banned/Prohibited IP Addresses that I can view and can this List/Log be edited?
  4. Game Servers “Live or Die” based on “UpLoad Bandwidth”. Approximately what “UpLoad Bandwidth Loss” should I expect using Comodo? Currently my “UpLoad Bandwidth” averages 2.15MB.

I’ve read about 20+ pages in the Forum and as ususal, some like the Comodo and…some don’t! I would like to give Comodo a chance but need these questions address first. To anyone that responds…thanks for you time and professionalim. Regards…!

Dr. Ian R. Kelley
US Forces Korea
“Second to None”

Hello Sir!

I too run a gamemserver, and this is my number one concern.

heres the answer.

make an IN rule, IP
make an OUT rule IP

nothing gets in FROM that IP
nothing gets out TO that IP,5147.0.html


Good Day!

I’m just a Comodo user helping another Comodo user. (R)