Comodo Spam - mark 2

The moderators have informed me that they have deleted my multiple posts which complained about being spammed by Comodo on the grounds that I violated Comodo’s “highly aggressive no-spam policy”. Well it’s a shame that Comodo doesn’t apply its own high standards to itself and/or whoever is sending Comodo spam to me on its behalf.

Of course, no comment in the email from “Josh(Global Moderator)” about Comodo’s spam! Melih, if you would care to contact me please.

You posted six identical posts so we had good reasons to remove five of them. The one kept is the one at this board (General Discussion) which you’ve probably seen.

Let’s wait for an admin / Comodo staff to clarify if something went wrong when you attempted to unsubscribe.



I already sent you a PM. Please don’t double post, triple post or post as many of the same threads as you originally did in other parts of the forum.

Leaving one thread in one place, In this case the “General Discussion” is relevant for this thread, And waiting patiently is the best thing.

As LA said, We will wait for a Admin/Staff to reply to you.


The email I received said, and I quote, “Since you have violated this policy, all [my highlighting] of your threads have been deleted. If you continue, you will be banned from these forums without any further warning”.

Let's wait for an admin / Comodo staff to clarify if something went wrong when you attempted to unsubscribe.

Right, multiple times over a period of weeks! However, I will wait for a further response, and not multi-post again - in case it was not clear, it was done to make a point. I DO NOT SPAM. I posted this thread twice, as I wanted it in both forums.


I won’t argue with you - But you actually posted 6 times of the same thread “Comodo Spam” over just this period a few hours ago. Then you posted this one “Comodo Spam - mark 2” twice. Before you did this and posted multiple times, your last post was in April this year which were fine.

All I am saying is, Keeping a thread in one place will get you the best answer. So we will wait… If in a day or 2 your thread is not answered, I will be more than happy to contact Melih for you!


According to our records (five deleted posts) you posted today at (my local time GMT+1):


That’s not a period of weeks!


I was referring to my unsubscribing from Comodo’s spam emails. My multiple posts were all made today as you say. And for the reason I have already given.

Sorry, I misunderstood you. However, I have to agree with Josh that no double posts are accepted and we should await an admin.

Let’s check back in a few days as he wrote above.


I have to say that I have been getting these “ads” from Comodo, when I was hoping to be signing up for a newsletter or something. :-\ I even unsubscribed, but they are still coming. Oh well, at least it isn’t every day that they are sending the emails. :wink:

Me too >:(. I don’t remember ticking any boxes allowing myself to be emailed (maybe it’s in the license, when installing new products. I don’t check those 88)). Still, I have had multiple emails sent too and also an email sent to an email address which I would have registered years ago ???.


Edit: I should note that I have unsubscribed from both accounts and haven’t recieved any further emails but just curious as to why I got them in the first place.

Is there anybody who filled in this form during installation?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yep, me. But I had hoped to be getting news from Comodo, not ads. And when I unsubscribed, the ads still came. 88)

Did you fill that only once or did you sign up on each reinstall?

And more spam today:

"This is an advertisement. If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving e-mail offers from Comodo or if this message has been sent to you in error, please click on the Unsubscribe link to be removed from our mailing list. <“[ at ]”>UNSUBSCRIBE>

Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.
525 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07310
United States"

ONCE AGAIN I have unsubscribed:

"You have now been unsubscribed

Thank you for taking the time to unsubscribe. You will not receive any further promotional emails from Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.

Should you receive an email from us within the next 5 days, please forgive us as this means our database is in the process of being updated.

Thank you in advance,
Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.

525 Washington Blvd.,
Jersey City, NJ 07310
United States"

If I get any more of these I am going to try to contact whatever Federal and Local authorities I can find in the US. Anyone care to give me some appropriate links? Probably won’t do any good, but if I have to suffer this, then Comodo should put up with some pain too.

Hi henryg,

I was just pokin around and discovered something interesting which
may have something to do with your problem unsubscribing.

Comodo just doesn’t seem like the sort of Co. that would intentionally
and persistently SPAM people.

When you say you are unsubscribed and you have confirmation, which
is from the web page that is opened by clicking the link in the email.
I have tested this and found that the confirmation is totally meaningless.
I you or anyone can generate that dumb web page over and over
with no email address whatsoever. Just put the URL evrything up to the
question mark into your browser address bar and go. BINGO Thank you
You have been unsubscribed yadda yadda.
What this means is the only thing being confirmed is that your browser
has loaded a dumb html page.

So in your case which seems very rare. Are You really sure you have
unsubscribed over and over. I mean I believe you have, but are you sure,
How can you be if that dumb html page actually confirms nothing.

I have never gotten one of those ads, so I ask.

  1. Is there any other way to contact Comodo in the email besides the link?
  2. Could you try the link again and double check that your email address is
    fully in the browser address bar when you load the page.
  3. Is it possible you are on a network, or have some privacy/security software
    blocking or obfuscating the transmission of your email address from your PC
    to Comodo’s server.
  4. More in line with 2. is your email client or is it webmail we are talking about
    messing with the link when passing it to the browser.

Just some ideas…if 2. or 4. are the problem instead of clicking the link try to
copy and paste the link into your browser and again verify that your email is
actually there.

There has to be a rational explanation for this. What is there to be gained
by a Co. like this SPAMMING Free products built on a reputation of trust.
And only to a couple of people?
You aren’t secretly a trillionaire and the ads are trying to brainwash you.


Frogger (:SHY)

I appreciate your detailed and considered post.

I am quite sure that I have properly unsubscribed on a number of occassions, insofar as it was done by clicking a link within the spam emails. I am equally certain that nothing was blocking my connection or obfuscating my email address which was correct in the links. It is surely Comodo’s responsibility to ensure that their system does not generate positive unsubscribe confirmations if the data they receive is nonesense.

As to Comodo not being a company that spams, I never requested these emails nor ticked any box, at any time, agreeing to receive them. I have been registered for some years and until recently have never received any such emails, so I have to assume they decided to start this campaign and tick the boxes for me. By any defintion this is spamming.

I stopped using Comodo products as could not get on with v3 of the firewall, I guess around April when I am told I last posted. For sure, I will not use them again.

The sound of silence from Comodo on this issue is deafening.


Having just logged in on the main Comodo site, I cannot find any settings governing communications/contacting me.


Please be patient while this is being investigated Henry. FYI: there’s another topic here.


I see no reason for patience, especially in view of the other and older topic. I approve of its subject though, “Spam >>FROM COMODO<< Jerks, hypocrites”.

About time Melih commented, don’t you think.


Since this issue is being discussed here, And Kim clarrified things I will close this one.