Comodo+some games = black screen & lost of control


I had the folloing problem with comodo previously too:

After installing and starting first a new game, i get olny a black screen instead of the game menu,and i have to restart the machine, because all my inputs are lost. I figured out, that this is because comodo blocks these apps as they are unknown for the first time for him, and until this time i could solve this problem with adding the games .exe to the trusted applications list, and after that comodo recognised and didnt block them any more.

But i have a problem with MW2, that it doesnt make a differenceif i add the games launcher exe to he trusted apps list. the screen turns balck and i loose all the controllers ( mouse, claviature …) even so, but if i turn off comodo, then the game runs normall, without any errors.

Did someone els meet this problem too? i yes, then whats the solution for it?

Thanks in Advance!

Try to switch CIS to training mode, then start the game after a few minutes, switch back to your previous mode.

Hope this helps.


Hey it worked man! Thanks a lot!