Comodo software update popups

I have Comodo set to check for, but ask me to install updates. About 4 or 5 days ago after logging in to the computer there was a pop-up asking if it was ok for Comodo to make changes to the computer, and it required administrator privileges. I declined since I did not have time. Later, before shutting down, I checked the Comodo software for any signs of this update, changes, whatever. Nothing. I poked around all the settings and could find nothing indicating that Comodo needed to install any sort of update or make any sort of change.

Odd. The next day the same thing happened. After logging on a pop-up asked whether it was ok for Comodo to make changes to the computer. Now I am suspicious since there was no Comodo logo in the pop-up nor any indication in the Comodo interface that anything was required. Worse, it was one of those annoying Windows pop-ups that take absolute control of the screen, not allowing me to run a task manager (or anything else) until I deny or accept the change. For two more days I clicked “no” until I finally relented.

Today I was prompted by Comodo if I wanted to upgrade to the latest, BUT THIS TIME IT WAS DIFFERENT (better) the logo was on the pop-up, it did not require admin privileges, and there was a nice “change log” link that I could check out (which I did). So I upgraded.

Call me paranoid, but what was that first dialog? Is this actually from Comodo or some quirk of Windows? I really wish I had taken a screenshot…