Comodo slowing down win10 x64

Hi all,

Does anyone else have an issue with comodo slowing down their pc? Mine took 8 minutes to boot these last days, when I uninstalled comodo (then CID Cleanup Tool), it’s fast again like normal (less than 20 seconds to boot to desktop). I’ve installed it twice and same thing happens.

i7 | GTX 1080 | 32gb ram | Win10 x64 (latest)
Comodo cispremium_only_installer_12.2.2.7098

It shouldn’t do, but a lot depends on the Config you’re using and any changes made recently as in Applications added or changed. This machine has a similar setup and with a modified Proactive Config boots to a useable Desktop in in around 15 seconds or less

I would try with a default Proactive Config to test it first, then go from there

Thanks, I will try it again! The only thing I can think of just before it all started happening was we had a few power outages here over a few days. After that, I did get some random popups from CIS about svhost.exe? (or similar). The slowdown has been happening since. Will try with the default config and take it from there.

With the power cuts perhaps involved, I’d also runt the standard Hard Drive and System File checks at the same time . . . sfc /scannow and Chkdsk just in case

Much appreciated, will do.


i have the same problem also my laptop start freezing too much from 1 year, sometimes comodo stop showing me the popups and block the apps.

My laptop is a dell precision 3520 i7 16 Gb ram.

Purge the HIPS rules list. CIS chokes the system when it has to many entries in the HIPS rules list.


After switching from custom to security mode in firewall, the problem gone.

i used to control everything but seems that the custom mode cause my computer freezing.

Thanks! I will keep note of this if it happens again.

Would also download the latest version of Comodo from the forum link. Comodo Forum