Comodo slow my computer

Hi, i use the last version comodo firewall with hips but my computer work very slow, when i close the comodo firewall , computer work fast and no problem, my system is windows vista 32 bit 1.6 ghz cpu dual, 2 gb ram.

How can i solve this problem, what do you think, my computer is not enough for comodo? İf i use old versions , my problem is solve and where can i downoad safe old versions?

Older versions of CIS: Comodo Internet Security Download for Windows / Old Versions /

ı dont know filehorse web site, can i download from ?

Comodo doesn’t archive their past releases. Filehorse is safe.

And you can always check the validity of the digital signature. A valid signature tells the file was not changed after publication.

Same issue here (Win 7 64-bit).

HIPS makes my system very slow starting v6. The HIPS in version 5 works fine with me.

Any thoughts?

Hi netsvc,
I have one thought.
COMODO Internet Security is released!

Kind regards.

Hello netsvc,

Please kindly let me know your feedbacks after you install v8. I would like to understand if the problem is solved or still in place ?

Kind Regards

I’ll give you my feedback.First couple of weeks after install/scans/learning and what not,it was ok.The past two days all applications take 2-5 minutes to open unless I disable everything in csi v8. Tried disable/enable one at a time and got mixed results,no pattern.

Win 7 sp1 32 bit
csi v8.2 latest

Hello pcman,

Please let me know the version number that you use currently. Can you send us your configurations ? Do you use it on default mode ?

Kind Regards

Woohooo! Version 8 did rock!