Comodo should be in Ninite's List

Hi there,

Just new here but have been using Comodo CIS and Firewall nearly 10 years :slight_smile:

Ninite is a software that enables you to Install and Update All Your Programs at Once. Which is just great. To be able to install many programs altogether.

Please check it and try to be on this list. Comodo is a great firewall it should be on this list.

Best Regards

send feedback, it helps ninite to understand demand from us users :-TU

If I understand this correctly, it is a third-party program that works on my computer. Why would I allow a program to see what I have on my computer. So it has full access to my PC?
Apparently a serious program. However, I do not use an additional program to install programs. Does it only use the installer of the respective program? What else is nineit doing on my pc in the background?

But, you only want that comodo is on ninite’s list!

Hi liosant, thanks, I will definitely do that!

Haha, prodex you got it all wrong buddy. Ninite is just a program where you pack many programs into one installer so that you don’t have to go and download each program’s installer. It’s very handy when you have to install 10 programs to over 100 computers :slight_smile: It doesn’t do anything in the background :slight_smile: