comodo shield on taskbar keeps shutting down

Hi Everyone. I have XP Pro. The white shield on the taskbar keeps getting a red mark tghrough it, I have to Exit it and go to my Desktop Icon to restore the AV. It happens often how can I stop this from doing it

I have IE. Spybot. Anti-Malware, Adaware, Super Anti Spy.

Many Thanks.

What version of CIS are you using? Try running Diagnostics under Miscellaneous and see if that helps and what it tells.

Hi Thank you for answering this.CIS Version 3.8.64739.471. Diagnostics Utility did not find amy problems with your installlation. It is a free one. It is still happening. When I first installed it, it worked fine, now over the last 2 weeks it stops workingevery second day. Many thanks for your help.
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Hi, you are running an old version of CIS, I would suggest that you uninstall that one and install the latest version from here:

You will probably find that the initial av database update takes time to download after the program has been installed.

Hi, Many Thanks for that, will update. Thank you for your time.
Have a nice day.
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