Comodo settings question.

Hi all,

I’ve been using CPF for about a year now, I’ve ran numerous online tests and it flew through each of them, it would appear that my pc is invisible to attacks?..

Anyhow, the only thing that is really bugging me lately is the amount of notifications I get (although it’s always been like this). I get pop-ups asking if my f/w can access the screen, keyboard, directory, global hook, web browser, registry etc, despite having the ‘Remember my answer’ box always checked. Don’t get me wrong I love the f/w, but it’s just this that is a bug bear right now.

Here’s a snap of the main screen, I have tweaked the settings slightly, although I’m not sure they’re right?

PS: I know it’s telling me to d/l the newer version, but that has the anti-virus built-in & I don’t want that.

I’m running XP Pro SP2

Many thanks
Chris (L)

You can d/l the new version and choose not to get the anti-virus part when you install.

What you should do is d/l the new version, uninstall the old version, restart, install new version.

Oki doki, I’ll try that and report back, thanks.

Will that stop or reduce the large amount of pop-up warnings Comodo gives me?

Depends on what settings you choose during the install. :slight_smile: I can’t quite remember, but I thought it had options you could choose.

Anyway, if you choose the options which seems to be the “less alerts” options, you should see a decrease in alert.

BTW, you may want to export your config first:

Thanks for that mate, the only option it gave me on the Export setting was Optimum Security.

Ok, I’ve uninstalled, removed old files, cleaned the registry manually & by a couple of programs, quick defrag & reinstalled the newest version. All seems to be running, but I have a couple of questions:

Network Defense - Firewall security is set to ‘Safe Mode’
Proactive Defense - Defense Security level is set to ‘Clean PC Mode’.

Are the above settings ok, or should they be changed in any way? If so how should I change them?

Chris. :Beer

I think they’re ok. :wink:

Hey, Just my opinion…But everyones is different… I use Defense+ in safe mode because it takes advantage of comodo’s whitelist.

I found Clean PC Mode would allow to much freedom for some apps.