Comodo settings in limited user account


i was wondering if this would be possible with comodo firewall:

i want to make a limited users account for users that don’t understand anything
about firewalls etc and only want to use the web and openoffice org sometimes

but when I do a limited users account it seems that comodo starts asking them questions if
this and that program can access internet or use dll etc.

So my question is: is there any way to make some profile or settings for this user? Like i will
tell the firewall what programs to allow and what not so it doesn’t ask EVER any questions from the
limited user. It would help even if my (the account i use) comodo “allow denie” list would
be used for the limited user account.

any help and suggestions would be helpful

Theoretically, if a user with a limited account tries to change system settings, they’ll get an “access denied” message from the operating system. You might want to try logging in to a limited user account yourself to test that.