COMODO Server Side Scanning FINALLY! (soon)

Thank you! These are great news!

Upcoming functionality includes server side scanning where businesses can provide Comodo with direct access to the website source files via SSH or FTP. With this access, Comodo can check for:

Insecure Files/Folders Permissions
.htaccess Hack
Malicious PHP Shell Attacks
Malicious or Suspicious Code
Phishing Page
Webpage Defacement

That’s indeed great to hear :wink: It was just a matter of time…

we do it for you guys!

Thanks Melih :azn:

So HackerProof and HackerGuardian are being replaced by Website Inspector soon?

they are different products…

In what ways?

WebInspector: “It also embeds PCI compliance scanning for ecommerce websites that accept credit card payments, to keep them compliant with the payment card industry’s mandatory standards”.

HackerGuardia: “The perfect solution for those aspiring to be a level 1 merchant! Get the most painless yet sophisticated PCI scanning service in the industry with Internal Network Vulnerability Scanning in the cloud.”.