Comodo Self-defense


Please see this topic :

I found some programs like MBAM can delete Comodo files without any alarm form CIS!

After that I found that you can delete Comodo files manually without any alarm and broke AV so easy !

I thinks it is wrong and must correct it … Why :

If some vendor like MBAM do mistake and detect some files of Comodo and delete it and break CIS guard , what do you ?

If children or someone go on your pc and try delete some files of your av , what do you ?

If you have a program and you think it is useful program and make it whitelist ,
but after install that program attack to your anti-virus , what do you ?

I think antivirus vendors must protect themselves against human and other programs mistakes

Like kaspersky , avast & many Anti-Virus vendors that they don’t allow to delete their files (Only you can delete files of them if you disable self-defense)

I think Comodo must do that … I means when we active Comodo self-defense nothing that can not make changes in Comodo files (any files)

If we need to change or delete some file we can disable self-defense and make our job

I think this way make Comodo stronger against future malwares

What you think?

@ Fantom,

You may follow up with Jacob in your original thread;msg478450#msg478450

To make sure you don’t have a configuration issue.


I will lock this topic pending investigation because I could not reproduce.