Comodo security products on a pc


let us say that we have a pc and we installed all of the available comodo products on it. Will that person have the safest pc that is connected on the internet??

Is the question true? or is safety just a relative thing? And we must not loose focus on the things we can do with our own brains and eyes and not just rely on security software.

Think with me!

ok, have a nice day!


Pretty much. But CAV is still beta and weak.

COMODO DiskShield is still Beta too, and COMODO Sandbox isn’t even out yet :wink:

Greetz, Red.

You would be as secure as you can be, practically speaking.

Let me explain the reasons why

  1. We use Prevention as first line of defense: CFP v3 Defense +
  2. We then use Detection technologies ranging from a firewall to Boclean/CAV etc (these are your 2nd line of defense and will be needed when you ignore first line of defense)
    3)We then offer Cure either as a backup, or as a Cleaning service or as DiskShield that puts everything back to what it was at the restart.

Of course there is an authentication component one should not forget as part and parcel of their “Security Arsenal” eg: Vengine (so that you can authenticate legit sites), Usertrust ( so that you can make sure you interact with highly rated sites (Social authentication) ) and Comodo Secure Email that makes sure your emails are secure.

And of course you choosing Comodo does not just mean you are secure now, but by Choosing Comodo you are getting the backing of an amazing R&D Labs who are expert in Security and Authentication who will continually improve existing products to be the most secure and easy to use and create new ways to secure yourself going forward!

By Choosing Comodo, imo, you are choosing the best security for yourself today and tomorrow!


Indeed COMODO security products are verry impressive, and I am sure you have got a verry talented R&D lab wich is developping high quality security apps.

Let us say that the COMODO security products are indeed effective as you say. Let us say they are so effective that the above question will be true.

What will be the next purpose for COMODO?? As I can say will COMODO focus on its core activities? Selling high quality certificates?? Or is there an other big plan, because COMODO is changed, it is evolving, it is becoming a security company, like Symantec.

What I want to say is, if you guys can make the above question reality, if you guys make sure we never have to worry about bad malicious software; than we have to stand still and think you guys have started a revolution and the recognition and familiarity you guys are getting today is far to little for the future when you guys succeed in making my question reality.

Have a good day.

P.S: but then again nothing in life is guaranteed, in particular the future…


yesterday I was being interviewed and the guy asked me a question: What was your biggest challenge when building Comodo…

My Answer was: I am yet to have my biggest challenge!

My reasoning is that biggest uknown is the future, hence what can be a bigger challenge than the tomorrow itself which brings you the uknown. That is why you have to make sure you are as prepared as you can be by having the right team behind you!



I totally agree with you with that. Be prepared is the best form to challenge the unknown. It is like prevention, in a way you want to be surprised as little as possible.

Thank you, this is a understanding conversation.

Wish you a nice day!