Comodo Security Helper, cpu usage - 30% or more

Hello Comodo Team!

I really appreciate Your software and your work contributed to develop probably - best free firewall and one of the best firewalls.

But every next version has more bug and make many problems for windows users.

One of the worst problem is high cpu usage by comodo internet helper, i have all the time 30% load or more! On windows 7 or windows 8 this situation was only sporadic symptom.

If i try kill helper (on windows) you Firewall block all my programs and windows services! After restart i see “a macarena” on my pulpit, everything is flickering. This symptom i can see after disable helper services in services.msc.

So i know now - i cannot kill it. But your software really slow down CPU (I5 7300HQ).

What software i’m using:

panda antyvirus (maybe better is 360?),
antimalware malwarebytes (but disabled),
Emsi Soft Emergency KIT (it is offline scaner on request)

New veriosn of Comodo make many problems, please look:

Or after i disabled Comod, firewall, av scope, hisp, i cannot run specific programs - Comodo still bock it!

Any suggestions?

I’m using You software since 2007 and i’m adevenced user (i think), never had any problems with configuration.